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    This was my first exposure to Fractured and I found there was a lot to like once I realised this was not a 'solo' game. You need a supportive Guild to really make the most of it (thanks to Hand of Unity for their support:) ).

    I really like the crafting and enchanting system. Going out and gathering mats to make stuff was good. The town setup and maintenance was really good too.

    Movement was an issue. Holding down the mouse button constantly proved very tiring very quickly. I am used to WASD and realise that is button pressing but the mouse felt un-natural.

    Permissions were also a problem. There was no way to grant guild access to buildings and chests which proved problematic when we founded multiple towns (to gather Coal, Iron, Gold and Silver). Those who became residents in a bub-town to feed coal or silver/gold could no longer access the chests and forges in the main town. Something to look at as it fractured the guild (pun intended!). A guild should be able to operate (and co-operate) as a whole guild.

    Looking forward to combat improvements and (hopefully) development of archer/ranger (my preferred archetype) which was pretty rubbish this Alpha 😞

    Again, thank you all.

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    Excellent starter feedback.

    1. First, remember that the game is not Guild-centric. Towns and Citizenship of towns is not meant to be solely by Guild Control. It's nice that a Guild can take control of several towns, but each town works as a separate entity in support of the overarching guild. IE: if your a citizen of Guild City A, you help build/support/improve Guild City A, not all Guild Cities.

    2. It may not have worked this Alpha, but in previous Alphas, you could set your Chests and other things in your personal house to usable by: Self, Friends, Party, Guild, or Everyone, or any combination there-of. This means that presumably, once this particular Alpha test runs through its paces, there may be more sharing available in future tests when they possibly bring those options back. For simplicity sake, however, in an Alpha, sometimes options are turned off to set the focus towards what is being tested.

    3. The game is actually set to be both a Solo and a Group game, however, the particular Alpha Test phase you joined in on is one testing many of the Group Dynamic elements of the game as opposed to the more Solo focused elements.

    Again, have fun playing, and look forward to hearing more feedback of this kind, as it shows someone who actively participated in the Alpha, and thought before posting and gave constructive feedback.


    I just want to add shortly something about Permissions, because the rest @GamerSeuss already said well.

    We figured, at the moment the only way to make a guild only storage is to use the personal plots for that.
    The Permissions are actually a bit bugged, because at the moment exactly the "guild" permission doesn't work for your personal plot stuff.
    But you can invite all people to your plot, means adding people as a friend to your plot, because the Permission for "friends" works well.
    What also works is to invite all people to a party and just set the chests to "party" permission, no need for inviting to the plot.
    That will surely get fixed in future tests.

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