[Towns] Wrong description about rank demotion


    Refering to my other report about losing ranks, i noticed some other thing, a wrong and very confusing description in the Upkeep Tab.

    Yesterday we was Rank 10.
    We payed exact the amount of Rank 10, but not the demand for raising to rank 11.
    We got debt of missing 150 gold, 8 Cereals and 4 Proteine.
    We droped down to Rank 9.
    BUT the description on the Upkeep Tab tells this:
    "Your city has an outstanding debt and will be demoted to rank 10 when the next maintenance is due unless its debt is repaid full."
    But we never was rank 11 to get demoted to rank 10 and we got already demoted to rank 9, directly, not at the next upkeep. Confusing.


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