WASD and clickable skill bar


    so this articulation one has to have on the keyboard with their left hand while looking at the screen has killed (knocked down) me so many times, and not being able to click the skill bar (which would be far faster and easier for me), I have to keep glancing over at the keyboard to make sure my hand is in the right place as I rifle through the keys, I lose my place and get overtaken because my eyes are off the screen, quite a battle conundrum. Having arthritis makes the problem more difficult. Other games that allow that preference has never been an issue for me until now.
    Is this something that they are looking into? Can I hope that will be available come by next Alpha? I would hate to have to skip various releases because of pain.



    Sadly the devs are very very against anything NOT mouse-click movement related, so I highly doubt you will see anything else until after the release when they find that they don't have the player base to support the game due to this restriction of "not allowing a playstyle in a game that is geared toward allowing multiple playstyles".

    With that said, we were suppose to be able to bind our actions to different keys this test phase, but they just never implemented it. So maybe being able to bind your action keys to more placement friendly keys (for you) will help you with this problem.


    well I hope so, sad about the mouse moving, I dislike the labyrinth point and click you have to do to avoid trees/dead bodies/rocks/flora and fauna during combat.
    I was telling a fellow guildy that during a fight with a Wisp blocked by a tree, I actually had to chop down the tree during combat just so I could get to it.


    @Hawkshield said in WASD and clickable skill bar:

    dy that during a fight with a Wisp blocked by a tree, I actually had to chop down

    They should be fixing those collision problems. Having trees, corpses, and etc. interfere with your actions should not happen in the released version.


    I am understanding the point with the trees and for this ones they will need some solution in future.
    But to be honest, i don't have really a problem with this click to move and point to fight. Mostly it works quite well.
    But maybe i am just too oldschool not to have any problems with this kind of movement.

    As for Whisps, just kite them out of the dead zone behind a tree.



    personally, I would love to be able to use a gamepad for this game, as it seems quite specced for one given the limited actions we are allowed.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Many quality of life improvements should be implemented, to facilitate a smoother, more enjoyable experience, and for those who quite literally have (or have yet to have) medical issues regarding the lack of QoL. Auto run for a long journey (even allow auto transit via roads by selecting a point on the map), as enemies and players will make that a hassle if you are not paying attention.

    WASD, or gamepad control would be a welcome sight as well 🙂


    yeah I played Eve Online for 5 years, you NEVER auto-travel....ever lol

    thanks for the responses, I will be patiently awaiting for the hoped for interactive improvements/ergonomics

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