City nodes and respawn time



    So, it's seem there is some kind of issue with the mining nodes (4 and 6) from my citie (Ulfrheim).
    I know that i did mine at 09:00 am all nodes from them and since nodes are supposed to be up after 6 hours, it's now 17:00 and nodes are still down.

    I know there was a server restart a few hours ago (14:00 more or less if i am not mistaken), so is it possible there is/was some kind of timer reset for the nodes ? Or maybe some other bug, is it possible for you guys to check that, if a server restart can bug the nodes...
    What would happen if the server restart happen at the same time that the nodes supposedly should be up ? The end time reflects on that if you noted)

    Note: All time i am using is Portugal time ... so UTC 0...

    Thanks in advance


    Sorry topic in the wrong place... this was intended to go has a bug.

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