Refunding KP from Abilities

  • In regards to KP there seems to be a maximum limit. Once you have unlocked all resources, killed all creatures to 100%, killed all legendary creatures, visited every city/city resource you will be capped.

    However, if during your adventures you have "unlocked" certain abilities and no longer need those abilities because your build concept has changed you are at a net loss in KP.

    Please allow us to "lock" back "unlocked" abilities to refund our KP so we can use those in our final builds.

  • @Kraxis I agree with u


    @Kraxis You don't know, if we are really capped.
    For sure, for now, in an Alpha state, half way to all implemented core-features, we are probably capped, thats in the nature of an Alpha.
    They stated always, that it will be possible to get all available stuff unlocked, it just will take time.
    So i am quite sure, there will be enough KP at the end.

    I don't think a refund of KP from abilities is the right way.
    Because it would lead to a behaviour, where people just unlock the abilitiies they actually need and refund them each time, they want to have others.
    It is simply too easy abusable.
    You will need to think in early game before you unlock your abilities.

  • @Kralith The point of this section is to give feedback to the developers based on the current state of the game. Obviously, they can add more to the game based on feedback from their player base, otherwise the developers wouldn't direct our suggestions to this forum.

    At this current time KP is capped. My suggestion is to allow us to free those abilities so we sont have to be so careful. Changing your build is not abusing gameplay mechanics.


    @Kraxis i did nothing else, than giving feedback.
    It was feedback to your suggestion. 😛
    Look, i know it is a cool thing to be able in an Alpha to get all stuff tested, but on the other hand, it is also very important to test early on the restrictions we will have later on.
    It does not make sense for me, to open up all available stuff instantly and entirely to each people.
    We also need to test, if progression of getting KP fits in any kind, if we will be able to get a full talent tree and the abilities we need for our playstyle. If it will be enough for playing in a right way. And not for getting all unlocked entirely in a few days.

  • @Kralith You are just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Who cares dude. If the devs don't like my suggestion they will just ignore it. Just because you don't like an idea doesn't mean others won't.

    There's nothing exploitive about being able to respecialize your character almost every game I have played allows this. I can't name one that doesn't.


    @Kraxis Really, you post something in a public forum and don't want opinions from others?
    Thats weird crazy.
    I did not attacked you in any kind, why you do it with me?
    I have same rights to have my opinion as you have the right to have yours.
    Just to be clear about, that you should maybe overthink your aggression against others, just before you discrediting others.

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