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    I made a silver long sword, after an hour of active grinding it broke, the sword had + 50% durability. 1 hour and he's gone, how so? this is normal ?
    I apologize for my english

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    Advanced weapons need a durability buff for sure. Just try to keep in mind that this is still and alpha, and is very subject to change.


    Hmm, this is not my experience.

    According to what I'm observing, a weapon without durability enchants lasts around 2 hours, and a set of armor 5.

    These values seem good to me, and I actually think that the durability enchant should be nerfed, right now it is a no brainer.

    1 hour durability though would be not good.


    Yeah durability is off right now. Baseline durability should increase at least 25% - 50%. The durability enchantment shouldn't be a requirement if you want to game with the same weapon for more than an hour or two. I like that weapons deteriorate and must be remade. It makes the economy all the more interesting. However, this level of durability loss is tuned too high.


    I collected resources for 3 days. And played for 1 hour. This is not real. I really don't like it 😞


    @Whitebear Yes, one hour of using a weapon for that you need to work three days doesn't sounds right at all.
    I think there will be much rebalancing for that, especially if it was a high material item.
    Not sure how long an Iron Sword is lasting, since i don't use this weapons. Has it the same Durability?

    For me it would sound right, if there is some difference in durability.
    Like Steelsword lasts longer than Iron > Silver > Gold.
    Since Gold is a quite soft material, it should break very fast, Silver is more hard, so it should last longer.
    But both not that long than Iron or Steel.


    Steel has 50% more durability than other materials, but boy does it cost.

    Gold is not a material that you can use for weapons... for obvious reasons.

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