[SephGamesTV] Complete review, feedback, bugs and ideas for systems


    I've made a complete document reviewing the game... having a big of background so you would understand from where I came from and I list all my findings, bugs, systems and came up with a few suggestions to the game after 2+ weeks of gameplay.

    Find the document here:

    Important: I've made this document acessible to everyone through that link.

    I am also adding a couple more items to the list, and having some ideas about systems that could be an option in the future for implementation.

    I unfortunatelly dont have access to the roadmap or ideas that the devs would like to implement to the game, but I would like to share some of my own and try to contribute to the game as much as possible.

    Post your comments to your findings and/or comments bellow on this topic and I will get them added to the document.

    Thanks guys and have fun!

    BE AWARE: The document has 18 pages so far and today is Nov, 20th.

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