Feedback/ Suggestions of a newbie.


    Hi, after playing for a bit, here are some things I think would improve gameplay quality:
    1. Base stats explanation tooltip on character page or during creation at least. (sure one can play with stats in creation screen and figure out what does what, but I shouldn't have to go into such lengths)
    2. Actual weight limit number, not %. (It's just too vague)
    3. Tooltips to show total weight of stacked items.
    4. Tooltip over wood pieces on the ground/ trees. (Believe that one is coming somewhere along the way)
    5. Mobs once looted should be non interactable/ disappear, in large groups it prevents loot picking.
    6. "Loot All" button. (Shift+click to loot everything from corpse?)
    7. Ability to zoom in more on world map/ more visible slopes and mountains on the map.
    8. System messages in different colour.
    9. Cursor auto follow. Holding a mouse button to travel over long distances is painful. (Read that one is confirmed and in the works)
    10. Right click load/unload carts and containers, Unload All button. (Should apply to Workbenches, Tanning Tubes etc.)
    11. Item creation on workbenches isn't very intuitive. (Took me a while to figure out one can use different materials for the same item to get different stats, a bug didn't help)
    12. Monsters should regenerate health when going back to spawn. Kiting certain monsters (Treant, Trolls) out of their spawn makes it very easy to kill them for ranged characters. (Or some other system to prevent killing them while they run back and don't attack)

    Overall the game looks very promising and I enjoyed myself while playing despite it being in Alpha, will definitely keep my eye on it as it goes forward with development.

    Ps. Shout-out to Paradox_Gaming_Network for providing me with a key, thanks.

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