Read only party leader after force process to shutdown...


    Me and 2 more players decided to create a party(I invite them to one) in order to kill one of the legends. After killing it we did not disband party and each one of us went is own way.
    After a while, when I was about to logout, I found out that none of the keys were working (keys not working bug reported already at Hand of Unity [HoU] bug list) except for chatting, forcing me to shut down the game process.
    After a little white I come back into the game and I was able to read the party chat, but I was not able to interact with it. Checking social window under party tab it had no name on it and saying "The party is empty, add a member to create new party".

    Thanks in advance


    The Party System seems to be broken since 2.4.1
    Before that patch it was like this:

    • someone opened a party as a leader and invited others
    • if you got Officer rights, you could invite too and remove every party member, who isn't officer
    • party was persistent all over the time, even after a relog

    After the patch:

    • party window is empty with each relog
    • if you needed to relog and got a reinvite and got promoted to Officer, you didn't see the party kick buttons at anyone else
    • if you invite as a party officer, you just see the kick button for this one, but not the other ones
    • if a party leader need to relog, the rest of the party is existing, but you can't reinvite anyone, maybe because no leader exist
      • that means you need to disband the party and open a new one

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