Cost/expenditure for metal armor vs. cloth armor


    Hello dear fellow adventurers,

    Yesterday i was 4 hours hunting goblins and my metal armor broke completely.

    When I think about the effort it took to make the armor, it's already a big loss. How many hours did I spend visiting cities, buying ores and coal?

    Making a cloth armor, on the other hand, is very easy. I kill a few monsters (spiders or trees) and have a very good armor within 30 minutes.

    On the one hand I have the cloth armor in 30 minutes real-time and a metal armor in several hours real-time and on the other hand I have to wait several hours of smelting for my metal armor.

    Is that fair?

    What do you think? How could you solve the problem?


    Hey, whats up.
    I've written a few review and comparison between the melee builds and mage builds... and you're completely right... melee builds are way more expensive to run at this moment due to durability issues.

    Devs are for sure looking into this and they will come up with a solution soon.


    armor system is still lacking, just look at metal ones variety and leather ones...

    actually the only use for metal armors is legends, the normal pve can be soloed even in medium leather

    ofc it's bad, surely it will change, even the fact mages have no armor durability loss, just when barely hitted


    @Meziljin said in Cost/expenditure for metal armor vs. cloth armor:

    is still lacking, just look at metal ones varie

    Yes, they have a lot of balancing still to do. The armor and metal weapons both should not degrade so quickly. As they are now, there really is no reason to have metal gear except as a novelty item and/or specific occasions.


    Fully agree. The deterioration is currently set way too high. I got in the habit of just bringing along a spare weapon if I was gonna grind mobs, and it really shouldn't be that way for a few hours of killing.


    I think that a couple of hours is around what a weapon should last without durability enchants, but armors should last at least 3x that.

    Real problem is that cloth and leather armors are currently too easy to make, so the comparison with metal armors is even worse. They should be cheaper than metal, but right now they are close to being free.

    Obviously there is also the issue that armors should never have offensive bonuses, since they do not degrade when you attack. The mage durability problem comes from that.

    Finally, I think that we should have an alternative to metal when it comes to heavy armors. Probably the shell of some monster or stuff like that.
    Metal weapons and armors right now are a common sight because we are mining almost all the available iron nodes but have not even 5% of the expected player population. They are not supposed to be the standard equip and for sure using them for any kind of routine task is a bad idea. We need alternative cheaper solutions to them.

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