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    Looking at the map, and the empty Cities and the remaining ones so far from each other, wouldn't benefit all those who like invest more time in the alpha, being more close to each other?

    For those who like invest time in alpha, for the next one, i would suggest to all that are going to build a City, start from the middle, by middle i say surrounding Hearthwood, 3 big Fertile camps, and all mineral resources arround that area.

    I was looking at the map, and u can have all resources in a 10~20min trade if no less, if i'm not mistaken.

    Populate from the middle > Exterior, and all be close by to trade.

    Just a thought, don't know how realistic can be done lol

    For example, for me personally, I was in City of Akir, and a trade to Blackstone was ok for me to do, more than that, its just too much of a drag/burden.

    Anyway, nice alpha.

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    In actuality, not knowing how they were going to work, it was only logical that most Governors wanted to try and grab coastal cities as opposed to the more in-land centrally located areas. Why, you might ask, it's simple:

    1. Coastal Cities are easy to locate so initial gathering of citizens is simpler.
    2. Coastal Cities are the only cities likely to have access to and control of a Port
    3. Centrally located areas, like the Heartwood also happen to be more heavily populated by dangerous Mobs making it troublesome to get those cities built up to the point to where they can become productive. This is especially true in the Heartwood region, where whisps wonder around with their posse of Treants and Sproutlings. The whisps being all but immune to physical attacks, and the heavy hitting treants taking on your melee fighters while the whisps stun lock them is a brutal combination. Sure, you might want a challenge, but that's usually after you get your city infrastructure built up, but you don't want whisps wandering through town while your doing initial construction.

    The point of this Alpha was to test cities and resource nodes, so they obviously wanted to spread out the resources and make them rather plentiful. In future Alphas, they may put other resources into play, so a wider variety will be around, and thus resources can kind of follow natural biome-centric standards. (Farming resources near open grasslands, Mines near mountains, not producing mountains just to produce mines, etc...)


    Exactly @GamerSeuss
    My thoughts about choosing a Coastal Town was, that this test was all about Towns and it's ressources and working Harbors. I wanted to test, how a harbor works, so it was logical to choose such a town.
    Next time we maybe choose a totally different place, maybe not even a big town.
    All is depending on what the next test is focussing on.


    at begin of alpha trade by ports was not active, so all stormed on mines
    after the ship fix, coastal cities have more appeal, but they are big towns so not for all

    i suggest to take big city if u have a big guild on backward, because surely in next alpha small cities will have more trouble


    Whatever city you choose, it is now understood that the most important commodity seems to be active players that can help sustain a city.

    Without active players, rent and chores become a pain for anyone playing part time.


    I found in this alpha that 90% of the cities did not participate in the public trade. In my opinion it doesn't matter where you start if the trade in goods works. I have traveled very far with goods from our city just to get iron. I then stopped looking for other ores because they weren't really offered anyway. The game lives from trade and this was deliberately destroyed by some cities (larger guilds). I don't care if a big guild has 3 or more cities as long as it participates in the trade. I hope that Prometheus will implement his announcement about the change in the supply of the cities even more strongly for the next test.
    Have a good time.

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