Importance of saves vs resists

  • I mean from gameplays it seems Accuracy will be most important stat for CC builds while for regular non crit builds (so far mainly magic spells) it´s better to increase survivability (block, resists) and maximize damage (magic damage, fire damage...) than accuracy as there are spells that are not affected by saves (unless their description is wrong) - Acid breath, Ice spikes, Deep freeze, totems and skillshots,
    Absence of saves is paid by: necessity to stand still as easy target (channelling spells like Deep freeze that are also harder to cast due to possibility of being stunned --->Resolve a must), being close to enemy and thus risking melee punishment (Ice spikes) or both (Acid breath, Static discharge), but it doesn´t matter, Poison totem still offers slow going through saves.

    Shouldn´t abilities with saves have either more damage (to make up for saved spells), lower CD (same reason), or some fracture of crit damage (like 50% of regular crit damage of something) or is it planned this way (so one could either go tanky caster with maxed spell damage, abilities to reduce enemy resists and no CC or CC heavy build but with defendable spells)? If there are abilities that have guaranteed hit ability and abilities that grant immunity to CC, it makes sense to max damage and resists. Hope there will be unpurgable CC abilities, with CON 25 one can have almost permanent stun immunity (only 2s window during which one can get stunned, but for this there is shield on 2s CD) and Enrage giving complete immunity against mages so CC builds would be toasted..

    A mage maxing saves, health and resists would probably be way safer way to go as caster because there are also spells that reliably negate CC even if the spell was not resisted aka second layer of protection against accuracy based abilities. Moreso because if enemy goes supersayan with enrage one can use Disrupting strike which also doesn´t need accuracy to work.

    Same problem would apply to melees - I´ve seen videos with fighter with PER 6 doing well - but unlike spells weapon damage can CRIT so high PER crit melee build is just as viable as non-PER brute max melee dmg max STR+CON in heavy armour, melee damage has way bigger scaling.
    Magic damage has its ceiling as it scales from INT, magic/element damage (in some cases there are immunities, so far fire and poison) and thats it, no further increase (except lower resists, but weapon have it too...even passive on weapons --->spear and dagger).

    Couldn´t PER give spells some bonus for example in form of resist reduction on enemy - aka "with higher perception you can see weaknesses of enemy and aim your magic better" so that using magical abilities dependant on accuracy is worth it?


    According to the formula, accuracy doesn't seem to be that important, it is more of a "Nice to have". Going from perception 6 to perception 16 will not drastically alter your hit chances. It will make evading your attacks 10% more likely, but it is far from defining it the most important stat for CC builds.

  • @spoletta well yes, but considering long cooldowns (lets say 10-15 seconds - in fight which may take like 5 seconds its a lot) and fact that accuracy is the only way to reliably apply CC (except Luck, but it depends on ... well, luck 🙂 ), accuracy sure is important but as you say there is low difference between 6-16 PER. Luckily one has so many points that four natural twenties in stats are possible and min maxing is king, co lets rather count with natural 20 PER (500 accuracy).

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