Party/Guild Body Loot option not persistent?


    Today when i died, we tried out to loot my body in the vale.
    All of my party members was also guild members.
    When i watched the Party+Guild Tab, the loot option was white, turning it on after my death didn't worked, what was almost expectable.

    But i know for sure, i turned on Guild-Body-Loot more than once and it always goes from green to white again.
    If after a while or after logout, i can't say for sure, but it isn't persistent.
    Is this intended?
    Do i have to turn it on each time the guild is going to somewhere?
    What if no governor is availble to turn it on?
    I would expect, if i set Guild to loot dead bodies of guild member, that it should work always without turning off again.
    Or do i understand this option wrong?



    I too would imagine that it should be persistent, and once turned on or off it would remain so until told to do otherwise.


    really important question. thanks for posting on this so it can get fixed!

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