Stuns should give stun immunity


    I just had a duel against a tank. I had Resolve and Silence with me. If he didn't stun me with his skills, he did stun me with his morning star.

    In other MMOs there is a stun immunity after a stun. In Lord of the Rings Online there is a immunity of 10 seconds, so you cannot chain stun someone.

    I would be happy if this will be implemented here as well.



    I agree! I'd even go so far as to remove stun entirely. 🙂 Stun tends to result in the following open-world, zerg PvP style, as typified by Albion Online:

    • Tanks stun a cluster of enemies
    • DPS drop AoE on the cluster
    • Hit defensive abilities and retreat until CDs reset
    • Repeat

    I really dislike that gameplay, if only because the time-to-live for players on the losing side is so short.

    In contrast, a PvP game like World of Tanks does not have that mechanic, and at least in my experience, the average time-to-live for players is much higher.

    In an open-world game like Fractured, I'd expect stun removal or minimization to result in much longer PvP fights, in which control of territory (winning the field) becomes the victory condition, not racking up quick kills from stun + AoE.

    This also means more interesting fights for everyone, which will pull more players into the battles. Maneuver warfare might even be a thing. 🙂

  • Doesn´t resolve give enough immunity? Unless wiki is wrong one needs like 23 CON to get 0,2s cooldown on Resolve (which is archiveable on human and easily archievable on bearkin/hellfire demon)...unless CD starts upon end of Resolve effect.
    Even then Im glad stuns are ingame. One can still mass Fortify and Luck to negate stuns (not sure if this applies to passive stun from blunt weapons or if its guaranteed stun - then all one needs is Block, so no problem. With high CON char one can archieve 2s block CD, quite enough imo. Toss in some Slowing effect and not many stunning hits should get through).

    to Rocandill:

    • Tanks stun a cluster of enemies ---> they need accuracy and high luck to even to even hit (and stun) enemy who can still use Resolve; sure it´s doable, but to reach guaranteed 100% stun chance on stunning ability one needs to lower enemies Fortify save and such ability has yet not been presented).

    • DPS drop AoE on the cluster ----> aoe dps also need accuracy (not all of them, but I hope stronger nukes WILL need good accuracy, otherwise abilities aren´t balanced well = high damage ability either must have saves thus giving chance to resist dmg from ranged mages or some drawback for caster like neccessity to be close to enemy (risk of being hit - Ice spikes) or casting time (sitting duck waiting for focus fire and interrupting stun/paralyze/silence/whatever - Deep freeze))

    • Hit defensive abilities and retreat until CDs reset ---> enemy will also "hit defensive ability"= resolve+relocate for example; stun is not all winning effect (tho high Evasion chars will have hard time) and unlike in Albion online Hit / CC is not guaranteed

    • Repeat ----> same for enemy

    Im glad stun is in game and is kept without CD like in Eldes Scrolls online. If CCs had X-seconds immunity, one could have 6 CON and still use Ability like Resolve to max potential --->CD reductions from stats (CON in case of Resolve) would´t matter (ane everyine would just need 1 ability with stun because any other would just not be necessary.
    Everyone will probably have Resolve for "get out of stun/stunlock", but same applies in every pvp game ever because in PvP CC is king, so why would this be problem. Imo if someone specialises in Stuns, he should be allowed to use them, "passive immunity" has nothing to do in PVP (in Path of exile for examle you either pick 1 passive Nod or equip necklace for stun the game basically doesn´t have stuns). Lets hope no Protection to fire, Protection to poison (be it via Talent from CON or ability) or Protection from damage make it to final game in current state.


    @Roccandil I agree. Right now mages and rouges are woefully stun locked and it would lead to that cycle. Maybe have it to a major slow instead. I tested this out with Blectorn as a rouge. He spent around 8 out of every 10 seconds being stunned. That is unacceptable in many aspects.


    I'll add that stun, as implemented, breaks the interface (everything stops working), and temporarily removes the player from the game.

    I consider that clumsy design for both PvE and PvP.

    @MorganReed said in Stuns should give stun immunity:

    Maybe have it to a major slow instead.

    I agree. If it were me, I'd at most slow/daze the player, so their speed, stats, and saving throws are lowered, but they can still move, attack, and use abilities.

    That way the player can stay engaged, the interface doesn't suddenly stop working, but there's still a consequence for being stunned/dazed.

    While I'm at it, I'll say that I got bored of stun-based PvP in Albion, and the stun mechanic in Fractured breaks PvP for me; I'm planning to participate as little as possible.


    Stunning is only fun for those who stuns.

    If you can't do anything but die, you do it once or twice and then you're gone.

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