can't login - purchased master pack



    I hope my issue is a minor one but I have just purchased the master pack which I assume allows me to access the current game.

    I am constantly getting "login failed" and looking at the profile section - I have to put in an activate key but do not have one - even though I purchased the game.

  • Hi, welcome!

    The most recent test has not opened up yet, it begins 12/30/20 at 8AM EST.

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    @afro The Alpha servers are not continuously running. Instead, they run in a series of pre-defined test phases, that are losely scheduled, interspersed with the occassional 'Open' playtest weekend kind of thing. The next available server access is the Open PvP test on the 30th that will run only a couple of days total. After that, the servers are set to be down until the Winter Alpha Test phase, which is set to start sometime in February.

    Entering a game in its Alpha-testing, you must expect this, as each element of the game is tested, then servers are taken down, characters are reset to 0, and data is analyzed, then new implementation of features are included for the next testing phase. Have patience, you've done nothing wrong, and if you have a Master pack, you do not need a product key.


    Thanks! and apologies, I had assumed there was an active alpha phase that has started and the error I had was "login failed" instead of a more specific error.

    Thanks for clarifying, looking forward to trying it out in couple of days!


    Greetings and Welcome @afro 🖖

    The playtest later this week is gonna be kinda wild, so don't panic if things are crazy. The longer alphas are more like the actual game you just bought (or at least a stage in its evolution)

    Check out the FAQ to avoid common mistakes and check out some of the content creators on YouTube and Twitch for examples of playthru.

    See you in there!

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