[Urgent QoL Suggestion] Chat Feature "Stop Scrolling" (+ add mute)


    I really like it to answer questions in General Chat, but from test to test it is getting harder to follow the chat or even able to read questions that are scrolled out.
    Especially at the first day of an open test and also actual, where some people think they need to spam the chat with self-admirations and harrassment to other players.

    If you try to read a question, thats scolled out, you can scroll the chat to find it, but every time someone is typing again, the chat scrolls automatically back to the last message. Sometimes it is very very annoying to scroll again and again, just to be able to read the full question (or answer).

    Please add a possibility to turn off the automatical scrolling.

    We will also need a possibility to mute players.
    Also yesterday i experienced, when i asked a guy to write his PVP stuff in the Local chat, that i just got the answer like "No i don't do that, just mute me." - Yeah, if we just would be able to mute 😞
    Some player don't want to stop their trolling or even harrassing, i guess it is better for all of us, if we are not relied on Moderation to stop them, but can "stop" them at least for ourself.

    I know it will not be a feature for now, but hopefully something we can get before the next Open Test. 🙏

  • I'm certain that features like this will be added. Just at the moment the developers are focusing more on the engine and groundwork. Makes sense for them to prioritize at this point. It will come 🙂


    It would be nice if we could consolidate all of our QOL suggestions into one megathread for the devs to easily find the most requested/highest interest QOL features/options. I understand that we're still early in the dev cycle and these kinds of things tend to come later, but I don't think it's ever too soon for players to let the devs know what kind of QOL features are most important for them to see by the launch window.


    @Kazzier said :

    I'm certain that features like this will be added. Just at the moment the developers are focusing more on the engine and groundwork. Makes sense for them to prioritize at this point. It will come 🙂

    Welcome to the forum, and to the game! Your profile says you've been a member for a few days already. Hope you're enjoying things! I really appreciate that you counsel patience with the devs as they build a HUGE vision from the ground up.

    What you can't possibly know is that @Kralith has been doing this from the very beginning, and is beyond patient.

    Kralith is a player who actually posts about pretty much every bug they run into, while the rest of us run around and have fun and shrug off the bugginess of the alpha until it inconveniences us... then come to the forum to complain. THAT'S normal behavior, and unsurprising. Kralith is a bloody saint.

    The chat has been problematic from the start, with no way to /mute or /ignore trolls and spam, and only one VERY AWESOME VOLUNTEER moderator named @Specter. @Prometheus and the devs are well aware of this, and they have read LOTS of posts requesting various QoL improvements for their game. These chat features are a top 3 ask. It's esp. frustrating when there's an 'open' test and a ton of trolls show up just for the lulz 🙄

    I normally stick up for the devs every chance I get when forum-ites kvetch about minor issues (check my post history) but this time they've made a decision that I can't support. This isn't minor, and I can't imagine why it's so difficult to just get it done when it's probably the most-requested Do-able QoL feature (there are a few more requested but not in the cards, like a WASD movement system or an auto-ride/instant-transport thingee).

    The ability to /mute or /ignore stuff that messes with a player's ability to be helpful in chat (as we all hope to be, and Kralith very much is) must happen eventually. You and I agree on that, Kaz. What you can't know, being so new, is how long people have waited, and how many people have asked.

  • Can we please revisit this. A simple channel mute function would go a long way. I don't want to be subjected to global chat while the playerbase is having a furry RP conversation in it, or are discussing whether a character name "NickGher" is racist or not sparking an edgelord debate. Forcing me to watch that scroll down my monitor really makes me not want to test the game at all.

    I don't want filters. Just a button to be able to turn off Global chat. Please.


    Have a blacklist, a working chat scroll lock and the ability to turn off specific chats would be amazing!!

  • I will ask a thing here:
    meanwhile you press enter to chat, let tab scroll between local\global\guild chat so you don't have to click with the mouse. Is a little QoL that i feel much needed to make the game feel less cluncky. Nothing urgent for sure..

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