Basic Feedback on 5 Day Open Stress Test/PVP


    Hello, here's my feedback so far on some of the new features:

    Alignment system

    • Basic implementation is great so far! Really glad we can toggle evil alignment now and start testing it.
    • Unsure of how evil alignment + militia works at this point. If you join a militia and are also evil alignment you can attack those in the same militia as well, but does that mean you do not get negative karma for attacking those in different militias?
    • Suggestion: Have alignment be tied to guild somehow just like militia. I think it may be problematic if all alignments can be in the same guild. Hoping that there are future plans to deal with this!

    New Graphics:
    The game looks great! Really enjoying the new graphics.

    The Aggression "Toggle"- I understand that it was a bug to be unable to interact with the environment when it was on, but with that topic.... can we possibly get a separate "Combat Mode" toggle that makes us unable to interact with the environment?? It is a quality of life thing so we do not start picking branches while fighting treants or pick up mushrooms while in a pvp death battle. 😊

    Friendly-fire: I think it's a good idea to have friendly fire, but maybe more abilities should actually be impacted. For example, Ice Spikes is not considered a friendly-fire ability, when we can randomly cast it into a group without having to be concerned about positioning.

    Certain spells being able to crit is also a great addition so far!

    Thank you Dynamight Team for this surprise testing opportunity! Looking forward to the longer test in February!

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