Parcel Contest - The Saga Continues...


    The Saga Continues...

    3 months into the aftermath of a Fractured Continent; nothing remaines of the Kingdom barring ruins and a few difficult to find safe havens...

    Marred by the loss of a majority of the population, the remaining citizens pushed forward with a mixed burden of both hope and despair.

    The scattered but surviving people had only a few options. Relocate to a smaller fyrd or become "the lawless" and occupy small towns around the territory; one city, in particular, flourished in trade and education... Vinland.

    Vinland started as an insignificant colony on the outskirts of a Copper Mine surrounded by an odd patch of Gold. It was an attractive option for the more novice travelers sporting all the basic necessities any adventurer or scholar would need. The most noted appeal of the city was its clover-lined entrances of which there were several that marked each of the different city streets. Here, they grew Cotton for crafting and an insignificant amount of Rice for emergency sustenance within the interior of the city. The clover around the gates was thought to offer luck and a feeling of safety to those who sought passage.

    Those were the good days. Now, the people who were here are once again gone, like those that came before them, and those that follow after...


    Vinland: A Travelers Guide

    East Entrance - Patches of clover welcome weary travelers
    East Entrance.jpg

    South Road - More clover marks an entrance to the South
    South Road.jpg

    The Garden - "Work work!"
    The Garden.jpg

    The Path - It leads to something special!
    The Path.jpg

    West Entrance - Marks the road heading deeper into the Sunset Peaks!
    West Exit.jpg


    Even it is not just a parcel, but your story and the use of fields are very nice, love it!
    I wish soo hard, that we will get in beta some addition to the town decoration possibilities.
    Just imagine to be able to add bushes, planting trees and add some lantern - i would be so falling in 💕 for that.


    @Kralith Thank you for your reply!

    It was a pleasure to build. I'm also excited to see more tools and rewards for players who grind in the towns...
    This patch was especially exciting as we farmed in groups to fend off the Marauders! Vinland was a PvP hotspot in the early days!

    Anyone who wants to partake in the next Test with the community is welcome!
    AGN Discord - (All Games Network)

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