The things that attracted me to Fractured were the story and mechanics: three worlds that interacted with one another; eclipses, invasions, monsters that learnt, migrations, seasons, a mage throwing up a earth wall to block an assassins leap, freezing a river to cross it, or setting an allies arrow on fire as it flew towards the enemy.
    I am new to mmorpgs, or even multiplayer at all, i usually play games like skyrim or the witcher, but it seems to me, firstly, that a mmorpg isn't the ideal way to fully capture these concepts, and secondly, having first played the game on the end of year free test, that Fractured is in danger of missing the high mark it has set for itself.
    This is no reprimand or critique of the developers, in fact, mostly i have no idea what is planned or how it will work when finished, I just would hate to see such a brilliant story fail.
    which brings me to another point; once again, i am unfamiliar with mmorpgs, but it seems that there would come a point, particularly with a sandbox, where there isn't really anything left to do, except fight monsters. what happens once a city is fully built? of course it has to be maintained, but that's not really much fun is it? i mean, farming and harvesting resources is fun while you have something to work towards, but when its only for upkeep, there doesn't seem much point.
    and what about when everyone is fully equipped? i imagine repairs will require resources, but once you have the infrastructure, that's nothing really.
    And what about story? i understand that its all supposed to be player driven, but is there some sort of general storyline? i imagine there will be 'events', but unless the players themselves contribute to the lore, where does the lore come from?


    @Mirgannel12 You probably have the entire backstory of Fractured already. The Devs have made it clear that the game will be lore light. The story will be whatever we make it. Happy writing!

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    @Mirgannel12 Yes, your definitely not familiar with MMORPGs

    There will of course be underlying storylines within the game of Fractured, but of course these will not truly be reflected within either the Alpha or the Beta testing phases of the game. As the mechanics are nailed down, tested, reworked, tested again, rejected, replaced, confirmed, augmented, and so on, the underlying storyline will be modified and adapted to fit more seemlessly with the final product.

    As to what to do once you reach the "Max Level' or "finish your city" and what-have-you...Many players of MMORPGs are more than happy to keep on playing and upkeeping their cities, maintaining their characters, just to stay on top. They will also experiment with new builds, try out building a city in newer areas, or with a different focus for the city itself, just enjoy playing with their friends going on master size raids over and over. I know Fractured is not as much about grinding as other MMORPGs, but once you reach the 'end game' stage, what you are essentially doing is grinding through things over and over to improve your strategy, and just spend time with your guildies and other friends as you play the game.

    That is not to say that the game doesn't grow and adapt, because MMOs do exactly that. As more and more of the population of the game reaches the current 'End-game' criteria of Fractured, the Developers will more than likely bring out new content, expand limits, produce new raids, different enchanting reagents, and thus newer gear options, in essence, the game grows with the player base so as to keep it fresh and relevant to those who play the game diligently.

    Unique to MMORPGs, however, is the fact that in fact, the player-base actually does drive some of the internal story line as it progresses and adapts. New content will come out and reference things like a Great series of City on City siege wars that the players initiated in the game. As certain raid bosses are retired and replaced with new ones, you will start to find bits and pieces of lore within the game referencing some of the more epic tales of those raid bosses defeats, and even some of their successes when they may have driven the player groups back time and again before finally being overcome.
    What I'm trying to say is, the Story in an MMORPG is dynamic and every growing and evolving, based on the demand of it's player base. Judge not the story by the Alpha and Beta testing phases, but wait to see how the story unfolds when the game releases.


    the self written story by players is close to the Elite Dangerous universe. Alliances getting wrecked, Guilds raise and fall, Empires struggle to repair themselve,

    i played ArcheAge in a bigger german Guild 200+ ACTIVE members, even our story fills books, and i played Eve Online, i`ve never been in a big Clan ther,e but those who are, told me loong storys,

    player made storys are often invisible to thoose who play alone, but when you join a bigger guild and stay active, even in an introvert listening way, you will hear a longer goin story,

    if you can, grab pen and paper und write the story down, i didnt and i regret that


    As others have said, looking for lore in alpha testing is probably doomed to be a letdown. Alphas test mechanics, often to the point of boredom if you're looking for a feature complete game.

    Things like story and polish are going to show up later in the process. For now, just be ready to test mechanics until they break, then test them some more. We'll get there!

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