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    If these pets catch the mobs' loot, I will definitely buy one!

    But if they don't get the mob's loot ... I will never buy any of them.

    *"Baby Forest Dragon
    Banished from the dragon society for being too small and too cute, this baby is looking for a new place to call home.

    This creature is cosmetic only and doesn't engage in battle."

    I don't mind spending 10€ in a pet if it catches the mobs' loot! And if I die to a player, be sure I don't lose him.

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    @David353 said in Pet Companions:

    This creature is cosmetic only and doesn't engage in battle."

    As the words state, Pets are purely cosmetic. One of the founding principles of Fractured is you cannot 'Pay to Win' and that means perks do not get a mechanical advantage of any kind, at least those perks you can get from higher backing levels and such.

    Sorry about the cold water bath, but that's the name of the game here


    Most of the alpha pledge packs come with enough of the cosmetic currency to get a pet anyway, so you don't really need to spend any extra cash to pick one up if you're considering alpha access.


    Some MMOs sell cosmetic pets that do not engage in battle, but after you have killed something they would collect loot from the corpse for you removing the necessity for you to manually click every single corpse to loot it.

    And thats fine in most pve mmos.

    In this MMO IF such feature would be implemented to cosmetic pets, there would be a need to code several configurable filters where you would need to pre choose who exactly would your pet loot...

    Only mobs you killed, mobs others killed (where you will be marked as thief), all players, all players except... guildies... friend list..? Good players, evil players, anything that doesnt detract your karma or mark you negatively...?

    Simple "looting pets" arent possible in this MMO.
    It would be either super complex looting pets or nothing at all.

  • It wouldn't be "pay to win" if you could also get "Loot-pets" in-game and the cash pets would just look nicer.

    But the problem with "What to loot", ... would remain. πŸ™‚


    @GamerSeuss I know it’s not p2w or p2f, and I’m happy for that.
    However, having the possibility to buy a pet to pick up loot from mobs, I don't consider p2f or p2w. The pet just needs a slow speed to catch the loot. It would be just for convenience.

    I take this opportunity to give a suggestion. A button to be able to loot all around the player. When a mob dies on top of another it is impossible to catch the loot ...

  • David, the inventory in this game has both limited space and weight. If you pick up everything while farming, you'll have to go to town every 20min or so. All in all, loot pets seem kind of useless in this game, reason why very few people will buy them => wasted development time.


    Unless loot pets had their own inventories like a bag πŸ™‚ then they would be highly sought after.


    i dont think they will catch the loot


    Anything that would have own inventory also needs to be subject to possibility of theft, so thats even more coding. πŸ™‚

    Devs could in theory make loot pets that will only loot mobs you have loot rights on. But then this would kinda feel like they only cater to pve players.

    I still have an opinion that if such pets should be made they should have filters to set up looting process and be complex, work on everything.

    That would take development time. Would it be worth it? Thats something for devs to decide. πŸ™‚


    Nah you don't need that.

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