Alliance of cities: Troy reborn


    I propose a union of cities for the purpose of trade and generally doing the things that cities are for.
    I have only participated in the two recent open tests, where harvesting of resources was available to anyone, however, at some point I assume that will not be the case, thus, the alliance.

    The Southguard Mountains, Sunset Peaks, Marching Hills and the Shield of Myr contain all the mineral resources in the game, and, should harbours be active, would be linked by the two harbour cities; one between the northernmost ranges, and the other the southern two, as well as the regions between being rich in fertile soil. Not to mention there aren't any monsters, except trolls to the north and only bears and wolves elsewhere, with a few spiders thrown in (monster or animal?)

    Whatever else occurs on Myr, it seems a good idea for there to be a region players can return to after adventuring or come to for guaranteed trade and fellowship.

    Mythopoeia shall once again make an attempt at the northern harbour city, and I hope that cities such as Ore Centrali and the City of Akir will be built again and be open to trading.

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