Before I invest any money into the game I have a couple of questions.


    It seems this game has been developed for about 2 years and most MMO's are developed for an average of 6 years. Is this game 4 years out or would it release sooner? From the videos I saw it looks like only humans have been done and the human planet.

    It seems the only movement is UO's click to move carpel tunnel mouse movement. Will there be support for gamepad or any type of reWASD? Mouse movement is so old and horrible and can really damage people.

    Everything else in the game looks awesome so I just wanted to ask the questions that would make or break my decision. Thank you in advance for your answers.

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    Devs have said that WASD/Keyboard movement is not planned, but I am unsure about gamepads. They do say that the mouse click movement system is essential for the game style they are going for.

    As to release, I think current release is looking like 2022, last I heard, or very late 2021 right now. The game has actually been in Development longer than 2 years, so it will probably be close to the 6 yr average when done.

    Oh, and yes, for the Alpha testing phase, so far, only the Humans and 1 Human continent have been utilized. I personally expect this trend to make it all the way to just before beta, with the introduction of the other races coming out during the last 1 to 2 Alpha Tests, as mechanically, they will be pretty similar, and Alpha is more for Mechanics, and Beta will give you more QoL and Cosmetic/Diversity options.

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