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  • Hello,

    i already ask that on discord but answers seem to not be so clear or maybe it s just to soon to ask but here we go :

    i would like to play a beastmen but with my friend in Syndesia.
    will it be possible to claim a tile on another planet ?
    will it be possible to move as beastmen to syndesia, let's say, after few hours of gaming ?

    deeply i m pretty sure that most of the people want to play different races but together and i m not sure the actual system will not fear some players.
    i would imagine some easy solutions to be able to travel between planet (at least the first time) or a kind of possibily to start directly not on your own planet.

    thanks for reading and maby to have pretty good answers 🙂


    Hello, I'm not sure but I think that is possible a beastman live in Syndesia, in other case a human can't live in Arboreus


    I was looking the wiki and I found it: "Beastmen on Syndesia lose the powers they are granted on Arboreus. Other than that, they can stay on the Human planet as long as they like, finding shelter at any town that allows them in."

  • thanks !

    yeah it will loose some abilities and that make sense.
    now i just hqve to found if it s possible to do it at the beginning of the game tobe able to play with human friends.



    Like we said on Discord, you will not be able to do this at the beginning of the game. Traveling between Arboreus and Syndesia must be done through a Gateway (Portal) which are very costly to do and temporary in duration. Travel between planets is not a daily thing, but a strategized and looked-for event like Christmas is for many countries.

  • maybe this a topic to be discuss then.
    I mean the choice between races / planet is really drastic !
    and it will disband many groups.

    with some colleagues we want to play to this game (will should be here for next alpha) but some want to be demon, others humans and others beastmen.
    So we will not be able to play together.... it is quite exclusive !

    i mean i want to play both PVE and PVP but i don't want be a human. some Want absolutely play a demon but want also PVE with their friends.

    Right know the only choice offer is :ok guys pick the same race and that's it.
    I m pretty sure that will repel a significant number of players.



    Well currently, there literally is only the human race. You make a valid argument and since the portal system has not been implemented yet, they may very well change it... however, their design is to keep the planets apart as much as possible to keep up the exoticness and value of the other planet's resources which will most likely be needed for the high tier cities. Their whole game design has been to make traveling worthwhile and not easily accomplished, hence why they make fast travel so hard and costly even for same-map travel.

    Also, the reason each account starts with 2 alternative character slots is so that we are able to have a character on each planet if we so choose. This way, you can be a beastman and play as one, but still have a demon to play with your demon friends and enjoy all three playstyles.

  • yup !
    i like the way to make hard fast travel and go to another planet to collect ressources. it makes it challenging and exotic as you said.

    so maybe a solution during the character creation could be an option.

    For instance in each planet a small area where you can start as another race.
    and if you want to go out of this small land you have to be ''sponsored" by a governor for instance. or reach the proper karma or accomplish a special quest.

    is there any topic where i could rise this to dev ? or do they have a look here time to time ?

  • Content Creator

    There are certain basic design philosophies of Fractured the Devs have stated absolutely will not change...I'm not absolutely sure, but I believe the segregation of the Racial/planetary cultures is one such philosophy.

    The game is designed to fit multiple playstyles, and to meet that requirement, they have developed the basic planetary scheme and then housed a different race on each planet. Although they want the game to feel like a single game, with interactions possible, they also want each world to have its' own distinctions, and thus I seriously doubt they will add any kind of implementation that would make racial intermingling a commonplace possible occurance.


    @AltadarLeviathan - One possible way around this dilemma is to create toons of different races in order to play on different worlds. One normal account is able to create up to 3 toons. More premium accounts may have more slots.

    Since (at this point) property is attached to accounts, not toons, my Beastfolk toon could visit Syndesia on special occasions and have a home all built there, with food in the larder and some reagents that might be harder to access on Arboreus. My human toon could visit Arboreus too, although if I messed up her karma it wouldn't be a good experience.

    Does that help at all?


    I think that another thing to point out... On Tartaros (demon planet), karma will only go down or stay the same. you cannot raise your karma. On Arboreus (animal planet), it is the opposite. PvP is impossible, so Karma can only go up, or stay the same. If a player wishes to be a demon from the beginning and become an angel, they will need to work hard to create a portal to either Syndesia (human planet) or Arboreus, ASAP, before their Karma gets too low. By the time the game gets to a point where your progress won't be reset after every test, travel between planets will possibly be well known enough that you can 'speed run' swapping planets to be able to play with your friends, if you ask how @AltadarLeviathan, after the game reaches a point where it is even possible.

    You are wasting your time worrying about it now, when it doesn't exist yet. You are only going to build up doubt, that isn't neccissary.

  • hi

    it s not creating doubt.
    Just to talk about something quite important in my point of view.
    For sure i m not talking about alpha but after release.

    It s good to know that you can share your home between different toon in the same account btw.

    i m not wasting time, i think, it s the perfect moment to point that. It depends what the studio whant for this game but i'm pretty sure that choice could be a ''problem'' for many players.


    @Xzait I'm with @AltadarLeviathan I think this is exactly the time and place to discuss these thoughts on how the game will develop.

    These sharing of ideas and understanding of how game mechanics will effect play is very important, if not to change the dev's position at least to let new prospective players have a better understanding of what actual gameplay will involve.

    I'm a single toon, single Guild player, so my choice of planet will possibly be the biggest choice I have to make.


    I think the current system is good how it is, it provides an exoticness to the different races and planets and just making movement free kinda ruins that imo. I know some people don't like that, but personally it's one of the reasons I even took an interest to this game in the first place.

  • the point is i have the feeling (i could be wrong) that Syndesia will offer more features than the 2 other planet.

    Like bounty hunter, a balance between pvp and ''pve'', an easy way to choose and adjust the alignment but the only chance to have it it's to play human or human.


    All those things are only features to people who want it. On Tartaros for example people aren't looking for a balance between PvE and PvP. It's for hardcore PvP players and on Arboreous it's the opposite being PVE only. To someone who wants a bounty hunter system and a balance between PvE and PvP and a flexible alignment, Syndesia is the obvious choice. But for myself I want a more PvP focused experience so having Tartaros with lawless PvP and no bounty hunters jailing you for like multiple irl days, it's more appealing to me.

  • yeah your right ! and it is exactly what i am saying.

    as Syndesia is the obvious choice human is also............which quite restrictive. At least with the human we could have dwarf and halfelin for instance.

  • I think I will create characters on all planets to check out what playstyle I like most.

    Normally I like a mix of PVE/PVP but the human race is just... boring. 🙄
    Well my friends will probably choose beast or human. There is a high chance that I will play wherever they end at. 🙂


    You don't have to be human. You can transfer to lich. 🙂

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