My char when alpha / beta ends

  • hey guys,

    Do we will lose our chars when alpha and beta ends ?




    @Fabius said

    Do we will lose our chars when alpha and beta ends ?

    These tests are short runs to test new content, shake out bugs, and learn what needs further balancing. So the toons you create and the house you build vaporize at the end of the test.

    I've enjoyed each test so far as a game in itself, and gotten to play alongside lots of great folks who post on the forum. A real community is forming in this game, and that's worth my time even if the toon & house don't last.

    I'm also learning a lot from each test about builds - what works and what doesn't - so when I finally create my 'for real' toons, I'll be able to avoid lots of fatal mistakes. Definitely worth it for me!


    @Fabius There have been quite a few major changes to major core mechanics of the game, changes to gear stats, knowlege point progression, and so on. If we were able to keep our characters since Alpha 1, Test 1... alot of the stuff that we could potentially still have would be broken AF.

    One of the tests was to test out smelting, legendary creatures and how the new knowledge system worked. Starting with a toon from a previous test, having completely capped knowledge, would have defeated the purpose of 1/2 that test.

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