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  • Hello goodnight

    I have a question, I do not know if anyone can help me, I would be very grateful today I bought the Eternal Pack, and I am new to the community I really liked the game from what I could see and I have not played it , the question I want to ask is, do I believe myself a character and I spend gold and I buy a pet this pet that I buy with gold, do you disappear after the alpha? I have that question I hope someone can answer me, thank you

    sorry for my bad English

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    Actually anything you buy in the store like pets and decorations won't even be implemented until the game launches. Yes, your character gets deleted and reset after each Alpha and Beta test, but that's why the things in the store aren't actually available as of yet.

    Play with confidence, because if you do purchase a pet with your store gold, it will be waiting for you upon the actual launch of the game.

  • thanks for answering and solving my question, there is no release date for the game?

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    @Nemtor we're still in Alpha, and even that's been adjusted because of things like COVID-19, so no, the release date is up in the air right now, they have no way of knowing how long it will take to test everything and bring it all together, as that is dependent on results of said testing phases.


    @Nemtor - welcome to our community! @GamerSeuss answered your basic question, but I want to say this:

    Treating each alpha test as a game in itself has been fun for me, and I have already gotten my money's worth in enjoyment, and met some excellent people both in-game and in the forum.

    But each test also teaches me new things as I make mistakes I won't make when the game launches. Looking forward to learning a lot in this next test, with many changes since the last one.

    Here's hoping you will find a forum thread in a language that's comfortable for you and start making some new friends! I see your YouTube page is Chilean - here's a link for the Spanish forum 🖖ñol-spanish

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