Do we have any idea of sever localisations?


    Apologies if that's a recurring question, but I did see a few youtube videos were people were clearly experiencing lag. Of course, nothing shocking for an alpha phase, but I was wondering if we had an idea of the future localisation of the game servers?


    Last I heard it was "a sever" not servers.


    Yeah, I didn’t think there was regional servers

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    Depending on the pacing required by combat it could be viable even with a single server.
    As an european I experienced Albion Online which has the server in the USA and the latency was stable around 150ms, but the pacing wasn't frenetic like, say, League of Legends or an FPS, so it was acceptable anyway.
    With good networking implementation a single server can be a good start anyway, and if the game takes of for real (which I strongly hope) the company will be in the position to afford multiple servers in different parts of the world.
    But still, a single starting server if the pacing is not too fast will be ok anyway.

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    @lukgb It'll depend on the size of the playerbase and the latency of the players. Here's more information:


    single server is ideal with clusters if too many at a giving spot like albion.. however how this can work fractured would be beyond me.. albion has different rooms for main town banks, different room for TM etc so it breaks up players from crowding one location.

    I am very much looking forward for this server to come to live and hope for a large community base!

  • But I mean.. even if there will be many servers in the end.. we can server hop at will right?

  • Like RuneScape.. many worlds/servers.. but single community..


    @Ultimate said in Do we have any idea of sever localisations?:

    But I mean.. even if there will be many servers in the end.. we can server hop at will right?

    If we end up with multiple regional servers, I doubt that you will be able to move your character around at will. I don't want to get into too much speculation, but even if they did allow you to move your character, it would likely be something you have to pay for.. And you probably wouldn't be able to take any of your belongings.


    I guess if there is more than one server, a paid server transfer service could be available.

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    My guess is, they will run it like EverQuest ran their servers. Right after a new server opened up, there would be a short period of time when players from some of the more crowded servers could get a free server shift to the new server to help equalize the load a little bit. After that period, you could move servers, but it would require a paid service, or an in-game award that allowed it.

  • I'm guessing that most of the playerbase is from Europe and Americas. East coast US is the most common location if you want all these regions to have decent ping (from S America to E Europe). Albion does the same and it was playable with 150 ping, so I wouldn't worry about it.


    Found this

    2018 so not sure if still relevant.


    I like the idea of one player base together. There is nothing worse than playing a mmo and no one is around you lol.

  • TBH.. I'll play until then.. but if the community does end up getting separated.. I'll probably quit.. it's a personal choice..


    I also prefer a single server so that I can play with friends who are spread around the world.
    unfortunately, several servers separate people and make it impossible for friends from other countries not to be able to join ... Albion only has one server for all countries and does it very well, so there are a lot of people because everyone can meet and play together.

    The game is still in Alpha (testing phase), I think we can create a topic in the forum to suggest just a single server and expose our idea. They will certainly listen to us.

    What do you think?

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    @David353 the point is that Albion is not exactly doing great, since in Europe you have a solid 150ms ping, which can be brutal in some fast paced contents.
    There is little you can do, over that distance you will end up with some lag, and if the game requires quick action and quick reaction you will be subpar if you connect from the othe side of the world.
    While I agree that a single server in which we can all play together would be awesome, reality is that it cannot be done without losing performances for those located too far.
    That said there might be other solutions, for example localized servers with the ability for a player to hop on the desired one at any time with no costs.

  • The lag in Albion wasn't perfect, but it was more or less okay. It was just annoying that I wasn't able to loot anything in big fights because others were done before I was able to opening the inventory...

    Playing without lag would be preferable for me.
    But having enough people to play with is even more important. 🙂

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    @FluffKugel I agree that Albion, while lagging for EU players, wasn't as bad as other games in the same situation.
    And I agree that the idea of a single mega-server is super fun, but in fact probably the division in EU and US is the best choice.
    I doubt that two server will feel so empty after all... 🙂


    I agree it is a challenge balancing performance over a large collective player base. That said, as someone who lives on the west coast of North America, I generally wouldn't get a chance to engage with EU players simply due to my activity time. No best answer but all good points being made.

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