Player to player quest ideas


    not sure if this is exists or if there is something similar to it already in the game (just became a backer!) but there should be a "Quest Board" in the town center or even outside ppls personal houses/shops where they can make requests for items that we pay them for, like an NPC quest. If not this maybe a "town board" where we can request things from other ppl in our town and they can store it in a "town chest", so we can access it whether they are online or not, again like an NPC quest but more personal! thanks for checking this out, excited for my first run, see you guys out there!!!

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    @ElphXIII I think the town governor can issue such orders for the town, so that people can auto-sell stuff needed.
    I'm not sure whether normal citizens or land owners can issue these buy orders too, I think only governors.
    Maybe in the future it could be interesting to add the same mechanic to every chest, for example, so that everyone can become a little shop, buying and selling what's needed.

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