[NA/EU/AUS] Enveus PVP|PVE|Econ|Territory ownership focused.

  • Enveus: Is recruiting players for today's Alpha! We're a group of PVP eccentric gamers who tend to focus on PVP & territory ownership games. We've got a number of players from our community going into fractured and would like to invite anyone interested in gaming with a group of like minded players. Feel free to join and check us out as we're recruiting for Fractured and other upcoming MMO's such as New World & Ashes of Creation.

    [What We’re looking for]

    •Players who are able to properly and efficiently manage their playtime
    •Players with high aptitude and quick reaction times
    •No whiners or complainers, no racist, sexist or shitty gamers.
    •Alpha/Beta testers who want to get ahead of the curve.
    •Crafters, Gathers and spreadsheet nerds.

    Website: https://enveusgaming.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Enveus

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