Vandiir - Goblin Town

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I have quite a few applicants to my town for Alpha 2 (test starting March 31st 2021) and I do not mind adding people, but would like to get to know you first. Feel free to reach out to me here in the forums or in discord (username Plume) if you would like to work together and make an interesting town. Joining our guild is not required, although I would prefer citizens be communicative and cooperative regardless of guild.

    Calling current applicants to this thread (sorry there is not a spoiler tag).
    @BlackoutGaming @ImpaKt @David353 @mikS1120 @htc13 @crckinzGG @sivo @smokealldayy247 @serialkil3r @owata1213 @Ryberius @Lukather

  • Hi there, I'm quite new to sandbox MMO (I'm more a theme park player) but this is quite cool so I'm playing it. Right now I'm trying to build my house because I still have to figure out how to improve my fighting skills (I'm a mage) and I suck vs mobs 🐶

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