Patch Log - v.a.2.5.0d

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    • Cereal plants in starting areas are now Rye plants instead of Wheat plants. Rye can be used to craft the items needed to complete the tutorial and make bread, but can't be used to make cereal sacks for city maintenance. No more new character exploiting!

    Bug Fixes

    • Battle Jump can now be learnt correctly. Note: you may have discovered the ability before the right time (60% of the knowledge progress of the Felghoul). You won't be able to unlock it until you reach that about of progress.
    • All new monsters (Skeletal Mage / Archer / Priest, Skeletal Dragon, Felghoul) are now correctly listed in the Book of Knowledge.
    • Death now removes the Necrotic Disease.
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent the use of certain materials (e.g. Primal Weave to craft Scholar Clothes) in player cities.
    • Materials of tier > 1 can no longer be used in starting area cities.
    • Targeted projectiles cast by opponents against one's own character are visible again.
    • The tooltip for items crafted from the inventory crafting (not in a crafting station) now correctly states they are always of Poor quality.
    • It's not longer possible to jump on a horse while pulling a handcart or dropping a heavy material.
    • The Wagon now longer removes vegetation.
    • Hotkey rebinding is now fully functional.
    • The Cobweb spell now correctly creates webs again.


    Thank you! Awesome fixes so far in both patches!


    Thanks always for the clarifications and considerate priorities.


    thank you

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