April 4th - Server Crash

  • DymStudios - CEO


    we've just experienced another server crash. The way it took place is similar to how it happened 3 days ago.

    As much it would be convenient to lie and say game servers were under heavy load, they were not. A component of our backend engine (SpatialOS) just crashed out of the blue for no reason we can fathom.

    We have considered stopping the Spring Alpha until the SpatialOS engineers have looked into the issue and solved it, which I'm sure they'll do quickly. We have decided against it because it's been 3 days since the last occurrence - and we hope that at least as much time will pass before it happens again (hoping it doesn't happen again at all, of course). Plus, we know many of you would rather keep playing and bear a 15-30m progression loss than not play at all.

    So, onwards with the Spring Alpha and let's make these servers scale up and stay stable so they're ready for our Steam launch! And of course, apologies for all the inconveniences this is causing.


  • No worries, hopefully it gets resolved in the next few days. Fingers crossed!


    A bit of server instability will not make us falter. Forward!


    @Prometheus Will the repair cause loss of data or can it be implemented when they have fixed without much issue?

  • I prefer a crash in alpha that's fixed with some small inconvenience by release, than hiding the dust under the rug and experience the same crash in production.


    Again, it is an Alpha and such problems are expected to happen.
    Thank you for your apologies, but don't worry, i am sure, the most Alpha Player will know about the possibility of technical issues.
    Cross my fingers, that the cause of it will get discovered and doesn't hit again in later testphases of beta or in release.

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