City crafting bug 900% exceptional quality

  • We had rank 1-4 city with only manufactoring tech tree and we could craft like 10% fine chance and 900% expetional after rank up or next tier crafting in tech tree it go back normal 80% good and 20% expetional. We could craft like everything 1-2 tier items excellent quality at manufactoring skill. workshop building was normal all time 40 poor 60 fine crafts, but specific buildings was 10% fine and 900% expetional like tannery, carpentery and magic shop.


    @joop yeah we experienced same behaviour, but somehow just realized after we unlocked more and it was droped back to normal behaviour.
    In fact around rank 1-4 we seemed to get always excellent stuff from the special workshops, me per example with my mage staff, but when we was going to a higher rank, it droped back to normal behaviour, means now i usually produce just good quality, as it should be.

    Did you see that insane high exceptional chance somewhere in the tooltip?


    It was in the tooltip too.

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