Automatically Buildings does not work sometimes


    I have noticed this bug many times this alpha and never have in the past alphas. When putting up stone columns or walls, once the last item has been placed my character will just stand there and do nothing and I have to manually select the "build" option instead of it doing it automatically.

    Also... I have noticed a few times where it does not allow me to place what I am holding into the blueprint. I have to lay it down and try again to actually place it.


    @Ostaff ohh i had similar, but i always thought i just moved out from the finishing process.
    But it happened so less, that i didn't noticed it could be a problem, just sometimes i wondered like "oh i can't add another one, i already addes all i needed?".
    But yeah, from time to time the building didn't started after filling up all and you have to click manually.

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