3 Planets, 3 Different Games?


    So continued from another discussion without hijacking that, I wanted to get some clarification. Are the 3 planets going to basically be separate games entirely? Beastmen will reside on Arboreus, Humans on Syndesia, Demons on Tartarus (spelling)? For example, if I choose to be a beastman, I'll never be able to reside on another planet? Same for humans and demons? Yes, I know that you can do the whole "raid" thing to another planet for a limited time, but seriously, the game itself will have 3 totally different aspects? PvE, PvP and PvPenis (Syndesia).

    I'm not trying to sound jaded here, but honestly, watching the chat in global, I want nothing to do with a lot of the people that will reside on Syndesia. The toxicity in this early stage of the game will only get worse. That's no exaggeration either. I have a feeling the true "Demons" will be less toxic. I think Syndesia is heading towards griefer status as a whole if some things are not changed.

    I'm not trying to be negative, as I have been around this game for a long time and I have the "Immortal" package from kickstarter. I am just starting to see a pattern as each alpha comes and goes and it's getting worse. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm logging in at the wrong times, etc. I don't know. Just curious though, I can't be the only one seeing some of this.

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    @Xulu they will be three planets with different rules, with the possibility to travel from one to another, I don't think we know yet how this planet travel will work, but I've read somewhere that it's going to be a "Great cooperative effort" to move from a planet to another.
    This combined with the fact that foreign races will have a forced limited time on another planet will ensure that demon outbreaks on Arboreus (for example) will be very limited in occurrence and duration.
    I'm not scared at all by this, actually, demons will be able to stay like 30 minutes on Arboreus and they will be highly debuffed by the planet, every mob will be hostile to them and resident beastmen will have buffs to counter them, so I guess it will not be something to be concerned about at all.


    @Xulu said in 3 Planets, 3 Different Games?:

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm logging in at the wrong times

    Yes you probably are.
    Most time the chat is quite civilized, but sometimes it comes to stupid toxicity, if the usual subjects arrive who like to spread troll stuff. When that happens, i just try to ignore the chat.

    As for the 3 planets.
    We don't know for sure yet, how it will get performed to travel to the other planets.
    But i am expecting the possibility to travel as a good one at least to Syndesia, whenever we want to do the effort for the portal. I also would like, if we can decide as beastmen to live on Syndesia, but not sure, if this is planned.
    For changing the Alignment, means becoming Angel, Abomination or Lich, there must be a change of our place to live, especially since the evil ones on Arboreus can't live long there.
    But i guess to be sure, how the whole system will work, we need to wait, till it is getting introduced.

    All we know for sure, that demons just can invade other planets while eclipses and that their time on the other planets is very limited.

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    @Kralith Angels, Abominations and Liches were not discussed, but Prometheus flat out said that you couldn't permanently relocate planets for Humans, Demons, and Beastmen.

    One would assume that the exception would be if you became a different race, which is kinda what becoming an Angel, Abomination or Lich entails.



    Seeing that non-human races are Alignment bound and that the planets are alignment bound... I would think that the transformations would start to live on the planets that they are aligned for. Angel must be Good therefore they would need to reside on Arboreus, Abominations are Evil and therefore will need to live on Tartoros, Liches (at one point were suppose to be Neutral but with the removal of that alignment completely, they will most likely be Evil) will probably be able to remain living on Syndesia with no change.

    Of course, it is also feasible that all transformations would need to live on Syndesia since it alone allows all the alignments.


    I was kinda hoping that the fee to travel would be hefty, but you could stay as long as you liked, reguardless of planet.

    Arboreus, your Karma couldn't go down.
    Syndesia, your karma could do anything.
    Tartaros, your karma couldn't go up.

    Back over a year ago, I was very much looking forward to travelling to Tartaros, as a beastfolk, engaging in as little PvP as possible to gather resources I couldn't possibly gather on Arboreus, to take back home, before I fell into the pit of losing karma, because of other players' actions. Risk and Reward. I will be very disappointed if the handholding begins and we can't travel to other planets, like the major selling points on the main page of the website seem to suggest.

    I honestly don't see why races should specifically be planet bound. It's a pretty easy way to make the game less interesting.

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