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    I recently encountered a player who had an, admittedly clever, but really annoying trick to fighting; namely: fight close to a city, and if you are low on health, jump into the safe zone to heal, then go out and keep fighting.

    I feel like this will be a problem...

    I'm not sure how you would fix this, unless you can't enter a safe zone when in combat, which would sort of defeat the purpose.

    I guess you just avoid fighting near cities?


    Yeah, we usually avoid dueling near cities since you could enter the boundaries while fighting. Attacking someone follows the same concept, if you want him dead you need to track him down in the wylderness.


    There could be a PvP timer placed on a player that makes any kind of attack towards another player. Albion Online does this. If you attack a player, guards will attack you if you try to enter a safe zone until the timer expires.

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    @Biglulu I agree on that, the defender should be able to do the trick, since he has been attacked, but the attacker is technically a criminal, why would a city accept to protect him?
    Unless of course the city is "evil", but in that case noone should be protected in its limits.


    @Biglulu I was thinking the exact same thing. A 10 second timer, where if they either attack a player, or get attacked by a player they have attacked, it resets, even inside city limits.

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