Monster corpses

  • Monster corpses despawn extremely fast, not sure if bug or just oversight. They clutter the game and the server; it starts lagging more and more, you can't click the ground without clicking on a corpse eventually around shrines, it's a total mess.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    @Vonegram I don't understand, if they despawn extremely fast how can the clutter the game?
    On the fact that empty corpses should just not be clickable, since they don't give anything anyway, I agree.

  • It's my fault for writing before going to sleep. They despawn extremely slow.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    @Vonegram well on that I agree too.
    It seems that currently corpse despawn corresponds to mob respawn.
    It would make sense if the corpse was lootable by anyone (after an initial priority lock time for the player who killed the mob), but the fact that you get a lot of "You cannot loot this stuff" or "This has no loot in it" is kinda annoying.
    Better if they despawn right after they have no loot in them, or kinda fast if they are not lootable anyway by others than the killer.


    I totally agree with ~@GreatValdus, once it's looted, the corpse should dissapear in seconds. Futhermore, with the world bosses is a pain 'cause you have all the ground covered by corpses 😞

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