Killing too quickly doesn't give KPs

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Just to preface this, I did this when I had not completed the monsters in the beastiary so should still be getting KP from them.

    If you kill something too quickly you don't get the KPs. I've mainly noticed this on spiderlings etc, as using Heavy Blow can easily one shot them. I've checked the beastiary percentage afterwards and it does not increase either. I feel like I never saw this happen until after the patch including the enemy spells stopping their casts after they die (I do not think they are related, I just remember that being one of the changes). As prior to the patch I was using Shockwave into Heavy Blow to kill Black Widow Spiderlings and I was getting KP just fine, after the patch it no longer gave the KP.


    Can confirm, one shots with word of power kill (and some others) also mostly grant no KP.


    So that is what was happening... yea can confirm again !

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Probably not intended, but I like to think that the bug is trying to simulate how in real life you don't learn any knowledge by performing tasks which are too easy and fast to be completed. 🙂


    I also have not gotten KP from killing a monster - even being the only one hitting that monster. spent 45 seconds killing a troll just now and got 0 KP. Still at 82%.


    also confirming, seems like you need to hit at least 3 times. very hard to do on the creatures with less health.

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