Market place missing features


    I know, Prometheus was very sad, that nobody researched a Market and for this reason he added them into the starter towns.
    But finally we made a market place now.
    And the first two things that gets my eye are:

    • You can't make a buying order anymore, like we had in previous tests. That is in my opinion a huge step back. I think it should be possible to place such an order.
      If i am a town without good fertile grounds per example, i want to tell everyone who stops at our Market, that we need such and want to buy it. If i am a farming town, i want to place an buying order for ores and coal maybe.
      If it stays like it is now, nobody will know, what we are searching.

    • If you sell things, the money don't go to the storage to take out, but in the "global wallet". That would mean, that people need to run to the starter town, to get their money from the market, or they have to wait till the settlements grows enough and spend two research points for a global wallet.
      Theoretically you can get the market at rank 5, but the global wallet earlierst at rank 10, if you left a point open from the ranks before.
      In my opinion a big bad locking behind a research to get the gold out from your sellings.
      We are lucky at the moment to be close to the starter town, but serious, which town far in the wilderness will unlock a market place early, if they need to ride hours to get the gold and get robbed while they run back to use it in their towns to buy stuff or deposit it to the town or local bank?
      Beside this problem, it is quite weird, why the gold flies magically to a miles away place?
      Please leave the money into the market, till we grab it from there!


    Seriously, @Kralith - they need to put you on the payroll

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Yeah buy orders are simply fundamental!


    Seriously @PeachMcD, i would be just glad to see their vision coming true, and nothing gets soggy. If I can add my little addition to that, then I'm happy. Thats all 🙂

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