Death by the Underequipped?


    So we have one player in Primitive Equipment and the second is naked attacking a player in steel plate armed with a steel longsword and a Wooden Heater Shield. As you can see in the photo the player that was in plate is dead. This makes no sense to me. How did two players with no armor or decent weapons kill a well-equipped fighter? I am not complaining (though I would like to, lol) I just want to figure out how this works. Any input is appreciated.


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    It's not hard to stun lock people.
    Any skills to stun and silence ontop of poisoning can kill a well geared player.
    Well geared players should likely only be geared while in groups.


    That is even intentional, I'd say. One of the statements by Prometheus was that you don't have to invest plenty of time into getting equipment, but rather that equipment and abilities would scale vertically. Or, as he expressed it, you can basically get into game, craft basic gear and as long as you're a skilled player, can enter PvP nearly instantly. That's basically the 'MOBA-like' part Fractured sometimes advertises.


    Number advantage always wins.... >.<


    I think I have it figured out now. Thank you for the replies. Also, next time I am outnumbered I do believe that I will let them have the cart and make a run for it. LOL, better to lose my cart and ore than to lose the cart, ore, my armor, weapons, everything I am carrying and my life!

  • I mean if you think about medieval times. Bandits would often rob well geared knights / mercenaries etc. So in that respect, it's pretty realistic.

    Even in real life, if you have all the armour in the world, it's likely that 2x people with no Armor will still best you. The Armor just helps (abit).

    In that respect, I would say that this is a positive thing that the gear isn't over powered.

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    While I agree that it could be intentional that two naked guys tear down a full metal buddy, maybe it would be best to tune down the cost of crafting metal stuff, since it's so unefficient in the end compared to a friend.
    I mean, ok if gear is not all, but it also can't be nothing.

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    Gear isn't nothing, it is more task specific. You gear up certain ways for certain tasks, and outside of those tasks, the gear has only a partial effect on survivability.

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