Some feedback


    1. Mages should be able to cast while moving with a -80% movement speed penalty.
    2. Corrusion should be able to cure with herbal medicine.
    3. /stuck should be implemented and move the character back to the last coordinates passed by...but attention for the coordinates not to be a house plot...(a suggestion is to type /stuck and wait 20 seconds for it to work.


    Another feeback is about poison:

    1. poison should't hit as hard as it is, it might aswel give some disavantage while casting like ''fizzle'' or giving cast time reduction and damage reduction...its kinda impossible to fight against poison and corrusion....


    Tanks and other ppl regularly run with 40+ stacks of healing herbs in their hot bar to reflexively cancel poison for a reason...
    The fact that poison is so easily countered by a easily craftable and stackable item should give you pause and make you realize that with no skill points, no tallents, no stat points, no ability, a beginning player can totally nullify an entire damage type and it remains viable throughout the entire game play.
    Imagine if there was something that did that vs melee damage -like the net you use to snare horses- .

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    The game is not set up to use keyboard commands like /??? and I believe the intention is not to add anything except maybe emotes to the chat, not using the chat as a terminal window

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