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    I had a friend tell me about this game and I watched them play the alpha - it seems like a lot of fun! I understand that it's just in alpha - but I'm curious where everyone thinks the game is headed (obviously beyond what the devs have released thus far). It's pretty in-depth with crafting and building, which is pretty exciting to see in a game like this. Among all the well-thought-out and developed features, I'm concerned about one thing: game progression.
    Right now, it seems like you're primarily grinding to gather materials - whether it's harvesting trees and plants to get reagents to make killer equipment or build a homestead, or killing beasts to gain new abilities and skills (a cool feature, in my opinion). However, without even a loose storyline, it seems like it could stale out pretty quickly.
    Granted, it'll be a large map - three planets with multiple continents leave plenty of content to explore - but I'm thinking there has to be some kind of 'legend' or 'tales' feature that can very generally guide players or suggest next steps - even if not in the traditional 'quest' format. I understand the game is in Alpha and there's a lot of development still coming along! I just hope that their plans kind of bring a bit of focus or lore to gameplay.
    I'm curious what everyone is expecting or hoping to see in the coming releases?


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    On one hand this game has a lot of potential, if the developers can deliver what's in their mind completely.
    On the other hand, like you say, being an alpha the product will feel unfinished and the sense of accomplishment is not really there yet.
    A story is not really needed, in my opinion, if a game will stale it will stale, story or not, it only changes after how many hours it does it. 🙂
    In the alpha you have an initial set of quests to guide you on your first steps, and since they've build up a complex cosmology with shattered worlds and stuff I suppose lore will be heavily implemented too, but of course now the focus is on game content and bug fixing.
    The road is long and many thing can happen during the travel, I'm often cautious with crowdfunding, but this time I went in and I haven't regretted it, yet. 😛


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    It seems you have read the background information on the world and lore, such as there is, and I can say (as could others 😛 ) that I had the same initial concern https://forum.fracturedmmo.com/topic/13143/story?_=1618474585963

    As explained to me, it seems that, while there will be events such as eclipses and passing meteors, as well as Legendary creatures to summon and defeat, a Labyrinth dungeon to conquer and probably other things I've forgotten, the 'storyline' will largely be generated by the players.

    During the kickstarter phase, there were some players who paid a lot of money for the privilege of becoming monarchs of the three worlds, and others who paid less money for lesser positions of authority.
    I imagine that, where some games have NPCs filling these roles and providing the ebb and flow of socio-political events, these players and the other lesser rulers, guildmasters etc. will determine general trade, wars, alliances and so on as the main framework for individual players to base the in-game lives around, whether they fight, mine, craft or explore.

    I am hoping that there will be a sort of 'continuous development' whereby players and developers continue to introduce tailored events based around previous in-game 'lore', so that, as the game (hopefully) ages the actions of starting players become legend to new players and so on. (Most of what I'm saying here was said to me by @GamerSeuss )

    As to how well this will work and whether (I am still hoping) the developers do introduce more lore based structure and storyline, only time (and the developers) can tell.


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