Becoming a sheriff


    So I know a lot players love their PVP, and with 20 hours of play you can flag yourself evil and start attacking other players.

    A sheriff is meant to be the answer to the evil players. To become a sheriff you need 10,000 karma? This isn’t really an offset to evil players. I have 60 hours of play and only 7000 karma. This is not very balanced, I can get attacked by evil players yet can’t hunt them down until I have met a ridiculous PVE grinding goal.

    Either make the sheriff ability easier to get to or increase the knowledge points needed before you are flagged for PVP.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Whats even worse is that you can get rid of your 'Young Status' whenever you want during that first 20 hours / 80k KPs.

    I agree that this needs to be changed in some way. I know they don't want everyone to just be able to be Bounty Hunters but having such a high requirement benefits the evil players so much.


    You need 50,000 KP before you can flag as evil.



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