Lets talk about bags of food...


    Ok we (meridian) have had farming unlocked for some time and have built up quite a supply of food.
    The issue is that one bag takes up an inventory spot and is only 20 grain and is a chore to move around.
    Meanwhile grain stacks to 100 and only takes up one inventory slot and a chest can hold a lot of them.
    So storing food in chests uses way less space and is far easier to move short distances.
    I think this should be changed in that each bag is 100 grain so at the very least the grain does not take up more space when packed and scale down the city upkeep to adjust for the change.
    Next there is the moving of the bags. It is fine and important that they are heavy items, no issue there. But can we please quickly move them from or into a wagon from a packing station and into a warehouse?
    We can do this when moving them to the city hall or a market, why not these two other facilities?
    It would make loading 90 bags into 3 carts much much easier and less of a nightmare.
    Potentially this game is designed to have lots of trading of food goods, but right now the prospect of loading and unloading 120 wagons to feed a city is just making me want to give up.


    Or have a scaling system where if you use no material you can bag 20 grain, but if you use flax cloth you can bag 40 grain, and 80 with cotton cloth !
    It would give me something to do with all this cotton I have lying around >.>

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