Some Bugs I've encountered after a large amount of time this Alpha


    -Random furniture spawning atop hilly/mountainous areas, Maybe this is intentional and the Bears need beds but it has happened in several locations more than once

    -Killing enemies/animals completely solo would lead to a "You have no right to loot that" response

    -The river down near Valhalla Atrium wouldn't spawn in, plays all of the sounds but the river wouldn't be there

    -I'm not sure what triggers this one, but certain actions would result in your character being unable to mount up or interact with menus, It was often after exiting a menu or interacting with something prior, it's sporadic and very inconsistent

    -Taking items out of a cart would remove the ability to then place said item on the ground and wouldn't allow you to access the right click option to place and you'd instead have to place it back in the cart to reset and access the place functions

    Those are the ones I've run into during my time, I had others but those have been patched and thus don't need mentioning

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    That Riverbed has been dry through the last 3 or 4 Alpha tests, I think because it is marked as a Riverbed, the sound file plays automatically, whether it's set to dry or flowing

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