Relocation spell

  • Relocation spell allows you to move over the mountain areas if u can get the right spot to relocate to


    sounds like a bug/exploit since the devs specifically do not want it to be used to bypass cliffs or walls.


    @ty8nine Yes thats true, since not all spots are found yet.
    It should not work to travel over the mountains this way and often you will stuck anyways, because you don't find the way out again.
    I tried this several times in last tests.

    @OlivePit They would need to make invisible walls, to prevent that entirely, but they chosed just to make the ridges high enough and to change Relocate, that you can't go over that high. So i wouldn't consider it as an exploit or bug, just a mistake in creating the mountain areas. But if you find a spot, you should report it, that they can change the area for this point.
    And to be honest most spots, where you would be able to bypass a mountain, are so hard to find the possible way, that you need much longer to get over the mountain than just riding around. I tried that once with the mountains on the shore side of Vale, and it took me an hour just to realize i am somehow stuck and don't find a way out for the next hour of trying.

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