Not possible to build on plots that have been bought after being decayed.

  • Hello,

    this topic that I bring although it is the same (both problems are regarding construction on previous decayed plots) the errors are different.

    I just bought a plot that was made available because the previous tenant did not pay the upkeep. Unfortunately, besides having a wagon inside that I cannot remove, it also does not allow me to build anything there. I select the item I want to build, when I chose a place it appears as green, so possible to place there, but when I try to complete the action by right clicking nothing happens and I am just kicked out of the building menu. This happens in every square of my plot, so I am completely unable to build anything.

    My guildie also bought a decayed plot, but in his case he was its previous owner. His problem is a bit different. Although the plot is completely empty when he tries to build something where his house used to be the item appears in red, preventing him to place it. If he does this in a space he had free before it allows him to place and build it. So basically is like the old stuff he had in his plot left a ghost presence that prevents him to build in some places.

    Thank you for your help.


    We have had this issue to up in zenith.

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