Foundation Rewards - Dynamight Tokens ?


    I am just wondering if the Foundation's rewards of Dynamight Tokens have been fully calculated and added to everyone's Dynamight Token totals?

    I ask since my Dynamight Token total is 1800 short of what I should have for having all the Foundation's current rewards (3,800 tokens total if you reach max level) and I have not bought anything off the web store (or anywhere else) yet.


    I don't think it's completely awarded yet. That said, it would be nice to have a 'history' of sorts for dynamight tokens, so one can easily trace what was earned (and how) and what was spent (and how).


    Compensation tokens and those from the (kickstarter) pack are available. Those earned from The Foundation not yet, as they would be added later in development ( Would make sence to at least do it when we are able to test the items from the store).

    In the Store you can see which items you have bought so far, but there is no total amount spent or such only a balance left.

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