Better Luck Next Time....


    Two days in a row I spent the time I had available to play Fractured trying to log in to Fractured. That was when I knew I need a better gfx card &/or PC to play this game. That's important info for @Prometheus & the devs, who know my system from my logs.

    Can't remember the words used when I first signed up, but the current verbiage is "We’re working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops as well, including those a few years old."

    So, here for dev approval is the playability floor. I'll be upgrading my gfx card for the next test and hoping to be able to play longer and w greater enjoyability.


    Optimalization is something that they definately will have to worek on. Event on nice pc when u got like 20 players on screen fighting with several mobs at once, performance drops insanely.

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