Packing Station 5 Click Cart Load


    I know the issue of loading carts at the packing station has been discussed but I counted the clicks it takes and it really is overkill. We have to click a total of 5 times to move a sack from the packing station to a wagon and to make it worse there is a delay on the 4th click.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the little time consuming details in this game. However, this truly is an excessive amount of work for players to have to go through. This could be solved easily by making the packing station have two separate clickable areas, the table where you pack and the platform where you load your cart.

    However it is done, please reduce the number of clicks required, because just to load one cart, if you never miss a click, requires 150 clicks. Ouch!


    @StormBug Exactly! Ouch!
    I made a very similar suggestion about too a while ago. 😉


    @StormBug This really can't be suggested too often or by too many people, imo. Thanks!

    The storage area should stay open until closed, as should the wagon/cart inventory pop-ups.

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