Disalignment between tiers of materials, enchants and talents


    I know that this is an alpha and something like this is low priority right now, but making a thread on this issue can't hurt.

    Right now the tiers of perks are all over the place. Let's give a bit of context for those who don't know how the tiers of effect work.
    Every non tier 1 material that you use to craft an equipment, comes with specific bonuses, and those bonuses are ranked in tiers of bonuses. For example, an armor in Direwolf Leather gives you +120 cold resistance. This bonus is ranked as a tier 2 bonus, which means that it is equivalent to performing a cold resistance enchantement of second level on that item. Usually a tier 2 material has a tier 2 bonus, a tier 3 has a tier 3 bonus plus one tier 1 and a tier 4 has one tier 3 one tier 2 and one tier 1 bonus.

    Now, there 2 are problems with this right now. First of all, a couple of materials seem to be acting differently from the other ones. In particular, the mithril is sporting two tier 3 bonuses as a tier 3 material... wow! The other one is the Yew, which is a tier 4 item but has only 2 tier 2 and one tier 1.

    The biggest problem though is that those tiers of bonuses are completely disaligned with the effects of talents. For example, look at mana regeneration. One talent point in it provides +3 mana regeneration. Now, one tier 1 enchant in mana regeneration provides +1. Going by this, it would look like a talent point should be around 3 tier 1 enchants.
    Let's look now at the Resilient talent. 1 talent point +80Hp. The equivalent tier 1 enchant, provides +40 health. So in this case 1 talent point = 2 tier 1 enchants.
    And now let's take evasion. 1 talent point = 20 evasion. 1 tier 1 enchant = 30 evasion. So now one talent point is worth two thirds of a tier 1 enchant.
    Damage? Talents are worth half tier 1 enchant.
    Luck? 1 talent = 1 tier 1 enchant
    Accuracy? 1 talent = 2/3 of a tier 1 enchant.

    As you can see from this quick analysis, perk tiers are evaluated completely differently when given by talents or by enchants. You go from 1 talent = 3 tier 1 to 1 talent = half tier 1. A one to six difference.

    As I said, this is low priority, but when the time comes for tuning, this should get a good look at.

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